Community Awareness on rights and entitlement
Community Health
Human Resource Development for Better Livelihood
Women Empowerment
Literacy Compagn
Promotion of Livelihood through Natural Resource Management
Lobbying and Networking among Concerned Stakeholders for Rehabilitation & Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities for Child Domestic Workers
Promotion of SHGs
Conservation of Natural Resources
Research and Training
Promotion of Watershed Development
Campaign Against Women & Child Trafficking
Care for Senior Citizen
Integrated Watershed Development Programme (CBP)
National Child Labour Project
Legal Aid Programme
Sanitation Campaign
Campaign on RTI and NREGA
Promotion of Micro-Credit
National Rural Health Mission
Final Implementation Phase of Bagha Watershed
Final Implementation Phase of Sonhi Jamjor Watershed
IWMP-IV Chatra – 2012-13
IWMP-IV Koderma 2012-13
Promoting Appropriate Technology for Enhancing Livelihood Security
Promoting Sanitation in Rural India
CHILDLINE India Foundation
Jharkhand Tribal Development Society (JTDS)


What We Do?

JSP has a team of dedicated professionals for its diversified activities which range from Natural Resource Development, Women Empowerment to Skill Development…


Our Mission

Jan Sewa Parishad Hazaribag exists for the entrustment of an equitable society, free from all forms of…


Our Achievements

Jan Sewa Parishad Hazaribag, has received a number of appreciation and awards for the works done by it…


About Us

Jan Sewa Parishad Hazaribag, created in 1990 in reaction to the sorry states of human, natural and institutional resources and eroding Indian social structures, is a Hindi term meaning “a group of intellectuals to serve the people.” Its founders were part of the social and economic movement Sampurna Kranti, established in Bihar in 1974 by Loknayak Jai Prakash Narayan. JSP arose to strike at root causes of resource over exploitation and miss utilization by rallying the strength of marginalized men, women and youth to fight antisocial and anti-developmental factors.


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