JSP is known for its flexibility in working so as to achieve diverse goals. With the challenges changing rapidly with time, JSP’s transient objectives also change as we keep moving to address different problems. JSP work to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To promote SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY into the lives of common people to increase their efficiency as well making a cleaner future.
  • To advocate for the CLIMATE CHANGE, which, JSP believes, needs to be addressed immediately to prevent the coming catastrophe.
  • To work for the enhancement of LIVELIHOOD to ensure a quality life for everybody.
  • To impart and develop SKILLS in people to make them and nation self-dependent and more productive.
  • To aware, sensitize, advocacy, right based works among ST, SC, BPL, Minority, Dalits, PWD, CWD, for mainstreaming.
  • To work towards ensuring a life of dignity and respect to senior citizens of the society.
  • To regenerate, promote and develop the knowledge, skill and awareness of the people living in isolation who are used to live a life of neglect and deprivation.
  • To educate women, adolescent girls and neglect children as well as child labors.
  • To promote awareness on health, nutrition and sanitation.
  • To ensure integrated development of the society.
  • To promote networking for advocating requisite policy changes as per target people.