Project Handled by JSPH Since Its Inception 

Sl No.    Projected Area/ Fields                No. of Project Handled    Work with agencies/Supporting agencies 
01 CBO’s Formation & Capacity Building  11 JSP with National & International donors
02 Climate Change & Energy Efficiency with Technology Incubation, NRM   & Watershed 24  TERI, Ministry of Science & Tech. Got.  of Jharkhand, Bihar and GoI etc
03 Women Empowerment, Micro Enterprises & Livelihood Promotion 06 RMK, JSP, VSO India etc
04 PGT & Tribal Development Programme 05 Action Aid, JTDS, Hibos, MISEREOR etc 
05 Health Sanitation ,PWD 10  NRHM, GoJ, GSF/NRMC, CBR Forum, Mobility India, Andheri-hilfe etc
06 Child Rights,Labours, Child Line 05  MISEREOR, KKS, Minist. of Women & Child Dev. GoI, OXFAM etc
07 Advocacy, lobbying & Networking 04  FVTRS, MISEREOR, Caritas India, Action Aid etc
08 Research, Training & lopSkill Devement
06  GoJ, CWS, CPF etc