Child Labour/Women Empowerment

Say “No” to Child Labour and “Yes”to Education:
Child is the coming future of any country. If today’s child is smarter, healthier and intelligent then the growth of a nation will also be better. Child labour is the practice of having engaged a child in economic activities. A practice that deprive a children from their childhood. A child who is innocent, tender age and pitiable but unfortunately they are involve in labour work at their tender age. JSPH take strong and firm step to eradicate such evils from our society and try to equip a pen/book instead of tools. JSPH consistently putting her effort for the betterment of child labour. With help and support of Misereor/KZE, JSPH has run a rehabilitation at Barhi, Hazaribag under the project theme Rescue, Rehabilitation and Repatriation (3R) and play a vital role in country development. By help and support of SHGs, local people and administration we recue child and after having ongoing process sent to rehabilitation centre.
Through this program we are conducting advocacy and networking activities in all the 24th district of Jharkhand. We are working along National Coalition against Child Labour(NCCL),Govt. of Jharkhand, NGOs and CBOs at national and international level for the welfare of chid labours. We also have a good network with our neighbor country including Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, and Sri lanka to strengthen the policy and advocacy.