Education, Health and Support to PwD

Proper education in schools is the basis of development of a child. The attendance in schools are still very low not just because of lack of interest among students but also due to carelessness by the authority. Unavailability of proper infrastructure, unqualified teachers in school and low attention to child education are also making children leave their education earlier and go to work. Only through proper education can scientific and environmental awareness can be generated among students. 

Due to illiteracy, people are simply unaware of their rights and capabilities leading to their exploitation and unjustice. The issue is grave with the women. The effective female literacy rate in rural households in Jharkhand is just 56.3%* which can be significantly improved. Literacy among women also affects the overall education in the family. A literate women is always confident and can take better steps for the child as well.

JSP organizes training programs which enable women to use scientific methods of doing households as well as other work; Education about the environment and other issues like climate change leading to greener ways of carrying out work right from the rural households. This will indirectly help the coming children to know about their surrounding better and prevent their exploitation.

By ensuring the attendance of rural children at school can check the problem of child labor as well, given some proper incentives like a good mid-day meal at school. The conditions of schools and their infrastructure will also be improved under the programme, well-qualified teachers will be employed. Local women can be trained to teach the small children establishing a coordination between employment and enhancement of livelihood of women as well as the child.

The population of differently-abled has been on increase in recent times. Careless attitude from the parents, malnutrition, accidents are responsible for this. The number of road accidents has been increased due to unqualified drivers and negligence on the part of authority as well. JSP through its projects for Divyangs, generates confidence in them and help them lead a self-dependent and respectful life.