Live Stock Development

JSPH efforts to transform dairy cattle development programme into  a self-sustainable model, have made significant headway. Increasing demand for milk and a large number of low productions of milk have been compelling factors for expansion of dairy development programme. Active involvement of women as service providers and mentors in livestock development is initiated by JSPH with the help and support of Jharkhand Government under the programme of JSDSM (Jharkhand skills Development Mission Society). Under this programme, JSPH provides training to youths for their skill upliftment and make them involved in income generation activities. The focus is on the promotion of small flock with genetic improvement, feed supplementation, minor health services such as deworming and vaccination, castration of the kids, and selling goats on a weight basis. A number of families got benefited and moved towards self-sustainable. JSPH effort gives better result in enhancement of community livelihoods.