Micro Enterprises Promotion

Poverty and unemployment are global challenges in most of the country. The conventional view is that the poor are not capable of coming out of it. To do so they need various kinds of support and guidance. JSPH has been giving support to the disadvantage group & community to overcome poverty and disadvantages. Micro enterprises are often traditional and non- informal. These are based on local market demand and those working in these are seen as owners and entrepreneurs. JSPH by own effort give support and proper guidance to such people those who want to establish such micro enterprises. JSPH also associate them with govt. run programme –SGSY, PMRNY, MEDP (have focus on the self employment and micro enterprises).Micro enterprises is seen as one of the alternative for the livelihood of poor. JSPH also give the financial support for their small micro enterprises set-ups as a non mortgage loan and contribute services in generation of employment as well as income generating activities.