Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management involved the conservation and development of forest, wetlands, fisheries and other environmental resources such as land, water, soil, plants, animals. JSPH regularly putting efforts for the conservation of forest, development of land by the programme of IWMP & IWDP. JSPH particularly focus on tribal development by promoting forest-based livelihood. The Natural resources management affects the quality of life of people both present and future generation. JSPH consistently putting right effort for the conservation of forest, primitive tribe, energy efficiency, climate change and more towards vulnerable groups hence they will become more resilient.

Forest and Plantation

With rapid industrialization in the country, deforestation is taking place recklessly. The reduction in the number of trees makes the air polluted as well as disturbs the ecological balance as well. 

We encourage afforestation at large scale and work on the grounds to plant more and more trees. We also motivate people to plant nutrition giving trees so that they can benefit from the same. Our projects like NTFP have been proven a remarkable success in this area. Conservation of forests and plantation is carried out on large scale in collaboration with the nearby forest department. The importance of trees is nothing new to tribal people because it is their home and they preach them, but we also spread awareness about the positive impacts of afforestation. JSP celebrates World Environment Day every year on 5th of June and carries out massive plantation drives. 


Most of the families in rural areas and tribal people are dependent for their livelihood on agriculture. JSP supports these people by providing them with the basic amenities such as seeds, water from nearby water sources, scientific methods of farming, organic farming, modern ways of irrigation along with modern equipment. JSP has increased the agricultural produce of rural people by teaching them SRI (System of Rice Intensification), SVI (System of Vegetable Intensification), SWI etc. Most of the people doing farming with these methods are earning their livelihood with relative ease,

Water Harvesting

The level of groundwater is going down due to the overall rise in the temperature of our atmosphere which is evidently the consequence of global warming. In such a scenario, Water conservation and harvesting are crucial. JSP supports and encourages people to harvest water in various forms by adopting Water Harvesting Structures (WHS) such as:

  • Bunding
  • Leveling
  • Check Dam
  • Pond
  • Trench
  • Rainwater Harvesting

Water harvested through these methods can be used for different purposes such as irrigation, animals feeding etc., thus, reducing the dependency on regular rain.