Promotion of SHG


SHG is a group of women/men contain 10-20 member mainly associated from same socio –economic background. They come together with a purpose of solving their common problem and promoting small saving habits. In a SHG mixed group are generally not preferred.


Objectives of SHG:

1) SHG is a economic group, when a saving group transformed into earning group then not only increase the productivities of women but the credibility also.

2) Women have a better chance to encounter and gain knowledge with PRi member(Gram panchayat zilla parishad etc), Law & Judiciary  Banks and its services.

3) Women come outside after crossing the threshold of home and know the outer world.

4) Boarding the view of women.

5) They developed their self confidence.

6) They get a common platform for dialogue and expressing their views.                                       

Formation Phases:



Major Impacts:

Healths ,education Increase standard of living, decision making capacity increase, active  participation,purchasing power increases and we can say that a women involvement in SHG leads her to path of socio- economic and cultural growths.