Workshop & Events

Workshop cum Exposure visit for SHG farmers on Modern farming methods and livestock development.


An experience sharing workshop cum exposure visit was conducted by JSPH in Dumka District of Jharkhand. The objectives of the Workshop were:
 To generate awareness on livestock development
 To inform the participants about modern farming.
 To identify the remedies for Indian agriculture sector.
 Explain the participants the importance of poultry farming.
 To encourage the participants to adopt goat farming.
 Learn new skills to support the efforts in poverty reduction through creating employment in rural region.
 Awareness about the benefits of government schemes.

A total of 22 male and 35 female participants from SHG farmers group participated in the programme which started from Gopikandar coordination office in Dumka District to Surjudih village in Gopikandar Block. The programme turned out to be a success. The participant were fascinated it and stated that such visit should be there time to time.

Skill Development Training programme for SHG and Women Leaders on Self Reliance

A training for SHG and women leaders was organized by JSPH with the primary goal of making them self reliable by educating them about the options available and how to explore them. The objectives of the Workshop were:
 To form new SHG and establish their identity.
 To emphasize on the benefits of SHG.
 To impact education to women so they become aware of their rights, duties and responsibilities.
 To impart income generation skill training to women member of SHG so they can become capable of running small business.
 To develop communication and leadership among women.
About 11 male and 38 female participants took part in the training. Mrs. Sushila Devi, the chairman of Zilla Parishad was the chief guest of the programme.

Workshop for NGO workers on status of PTGs, SC, ST, PwD and Child Labour in Jharkhand to avail better life opinion through seminars.

A seminar was organized on 27th May, 2016 in Ranchi where workers of different NGOs working in the field of tribal, child labour and PwDs participated. The objectives of the seminar were:
 To aware about the rights and duties of participants towards the needy.
 To inform about the real status of tribal in Jharkhand.
 Awareness about education facilities to ST population with view to increase literacy rate among ST people especially ST girls.
 Awareness about infrastructure facilities in tribal areas with a view to bring them at par with the state average of these facilities.
 To encourage the income generation activities of employment with a view to enhance their economic status.
 Awareness on rights of children and on disabilities.
 Awareness about the govt. facilities for tribes, child labour and people with disabilities.
A whooping 39 male and 47 female participants enthusiastically took part in the seminar making it successful.

Workshop on Child Rights, Trafficking victims, PwDs and its entitlements.

A workshop on child rights was organized on 3rd December 2016 in Gumla of Jharkhand in order to explore the concept of human and children rights and the convention on the rights of the child. It aims to develop knowledge in the areas of children’s rights. Following were the objectives of the seminar:
 To inform the participants about the real status of Indian child in respect of education, health, security and trafficking
 To aware them about their rights.
 Awareness about Childline1098 among every Indian child.
 Awareness about the rescue and rehabilitation centres for the children.
 Awareness about PWDs and support to them.

The workshop was presided by Mr. Ramlal Prasad, the secretary of JSPH. The workshop saw the involvement of 27 male and 23 female candidates.

Seminar on Natural Resource Management, Climate Change for Sustainable Development through Agricultue, Forest NTFP’s and own skill

JSPH organized a seminar on natural resource management on the occasion of WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY in Chatra with Mr. Somarai Oraw, the DDC of Chatra as the chief guest of the function. The seminar covered the following areas:
 Ensuring conservation and judicious use of natural resources
 Importance and benefits of renewable energy
 Ways to curb pollution in the environment.
 Awareness on protecting, preserving and managing natural systems.
 Ensuring protection of rivers and water resources.
 Awareness about the shrinking volume of forests
 Awareness towards the need of organic farming.
The event witnessed the participation of 17 male and 14 female participants from around the area.

Workshop on Hygiene and Sanitation for better and healthy life style.

The training program was organized in Koderma district of Jharkhand on hygiene and sanitation for a healthy life of people. The topics covered under the workshop were:
 Recognition and description of roots of faecal contamination.
 Importance of Safe Excreta Disposal, Clean Water and Hand Washing in breaking the cycle of faecal contamination.
 Encouraging people to adopt safe hygiene practices.
 Discussion on ways to keep water safe.
 Simple ways of Lavatory construction.

A total of 32 males and 47 females participated in the workshop where Mr. Vinod Yadav, executive engineer of Koderma, was the chief guest. The event turned out to be success with people showing interest in building lavatories at home and completely eradicate open defecation, a step towards “Swachh Bharat”.


International Women Day: 8th March

Celebrating the greatness, efforts and contribution of women in every field. We at JSP step forward to observe the day and pay tribute to women working with us and everywhere around the globe. The event is augmented by women from SHGs taking part in events and workshops organized by JSPH.

Labour Day: 1st May

The 1st day of May month is celebrated as the Labour Day all across the country. JSPH also appreciates the efforts of our workers and co-partners in bringing fortune to the company. A day free from all workloads is granted to all the workers at JSP. JSPH also raises its voice against the over exploitation of workers and supports equal wage for equal work.

World Environment Day: 5th June

Workshops and seminars are conducted at many places by JSPH on the occasion of World Environment day to create awareness about the preservation of environment and judicious use of natural resources. Pollution and climate change has been the topic of concern for JSPH and we are doing our best to fight them. Every year, the JSPH core team organize a plantation drive in which many trees and planted and then taken care of. A step towards Green India.

International Non-violence Day: 2nd Oct

The International Non-violence Day is celebrated on 2nd Oct every year on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. This day is also referred to as Gandhi Jayanti. On this occasion, JSPH and its team gather and take an oath against violence prevention in society. We also did the awareness programme so that people get more acquainted with support and helpline Numbers.